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Ken's Custom Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my equipment properly custom fit by a qualified clubmaker?

Because no player will ever play his best golf with clubs that have not been fitted properly to his swing. This applies to the 35 handicap just as much as the Tour Pro.

Can I get a proper fitting in some big retail golf store?

That depends on what your idea of a proper fitting is. If your idea of a proper fitting is hitting in stock demo's into a net is good enough, then the answer is yes. 

If your idea of a proper fitting is being dynamically tested outdoors on a launch monitor for as many of variables in golf equipment as possible, then we offer the best solution for your needs.

I have been to just about every big retail store there is, and none of their fitting systems compare to the level of detail that a professional clubmaker like myself can achieve. Besides, do you think the salesman doing the fitting is as educated and knowledgeable as a Certified Club Fitter, who has worked out on the PGA TOUR, and is a Clubmaker of the Year? Probably not...

Can I play just as well with clubs bought "off the rack"? 

Absolutely not. Each golfer has different physical swing  characteristics that may be so varied that the chances of an "off the rack" set of clubs fitting as well as they should are very slim indeed. Your clubs need to be fitted to your individual swing. This means being fitted for club length, lie angle, shaft type and flex, grip type and size. It also means using new fitting and assembly techniques such as laser computer swing analysis, launch condition fitting, proper spine alignment, and shaft profiling and orientation.

I am just a beginning golfer. I should just buy a "starter set", right?

Wrong. Being properly fit for your clubs will most likely be the best thing you can do for your game, especially a beginning player. You can't learn the game playing ill fitted equipment. By participating in both static and dynamic fittings, you can be assured you are getting clubs properly fit for your swing. 

Are custom fit clubs expensive? 

Custom fit clubs are not expensive when compared to the major OEM's. In addition, I offer a level of personal service that no OEM can match. I use only the highest quality components available and assemble them with the precision and care of a true craftsman, not an assembly line. 

How can custom fit clubs improve my game? 

Clubs that are properly fitted for length, lie and loft angles, shaft type and flex, and grip size and type will assure you of playing the best equipment available for you. Clubs that are too long or too short lead to inconsistent contact (fat or thin). If the clubs lie angle is wrong, shots will miss their target either right or left. A shaft that is too light will be hard to control, too heavy and distance will suffer. A shaft that is too stiff will not load and unload its energy properly. A shaft that is too flexible will be hard to hit accurately. Grip sizing is important because the grip is your only contact with the club. Grips that are too big or small will feel uncomfortable and may lead to difficulty controlling the club.

I would rather save money than buy golf equipment that will help my game. I would rather be fitted by a salesman than a golf equipment professional. I would rather help (or hurt) my game through trial and error rather than finally making an investment in properly fitted golf equipment. What should I do?

What have you been doing? Isn't it time for a change....






















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