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2008 Fitting Fee Schedule

Complete club fitting (4 hours) $325.00 

Wood fitting (2 hours) $125.00

 Iron fitting (2 hours) $125.00

Wedge/Putter fitting (2 hours) $75.00 

     Launch Monitor Golf Ball fitting (1 hour) $50.00

Please note that the Launch Monitor Golf Ball Fitting will be included with the purchase of any regular fitting!

Combine fittings and save. For example, combine Driver and Iron fitting, only $200.00, and get the Ball Fitting FREE! 

New for 2011-Introductory Fittings

Ken is proud to offer a select line of equipment designed with the beginning or budget conscious golfer in mind, that canl be custom fitted and built just for you. Call or email for details.

Please note that ALL equipment fitting sessions are conducted by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

All Fitting Sessions are performed OUTDOORS only on the driving range and practice areas.

Orders for repairs or regripping may always be left at the main counter during Fishkill Golf's business hours. 

Customer Loyalty Benefit Program

The CLBP is a program being designed to reward and benefit all those who are going to be fitted, or have already been fitted, here at the shop in Fishkill. It is designed to reward my past, present, and future clients with outstanding customer service that is guaranteed to help you play better golf. 

Here is just a sample of the program, that will be fully implemented once the 2007 golf season starts. Remember, this program will be INCLUDED in your purchase of any Fitting.

  1. Lifetime iron lie and loft check ups and adjustments as long as you own the clubs.

  2. Discounts on future regripping.

  3. Discounts on future repairs, and in some cases, free repairs.

  4. Free sole polishing/clean up as needed.

  5. Free shipping on any future phone, email, or internet orders.

  6. Discounts on future purchases and fittings.

  7. Trade in bonuses.

  8. One free 15 minute lesson a year, on request.

  9. A copy of your swing on CD-ROM or DVD, on request.

  10. Free Junior Fitting ( Under 12 )

 See Ken for more details.

845.440.1369 Fitting Appointments


Here at Ken's Custom Clubs, our fitting philosophy is simple, yet comprehensive. 

We use a performance based fitting system that includes computer swing analysis while outdoors observing ball flight. 

All fittings include use of our Zelocity Pure Launch Monitor which measures Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry Distance, Power Transfer Ratio %, Launch Angle, Angle of Descent, Total Spin, Club Path, Club Face Angle, Trajectory Graphics, Shot Simulation, Club Acceleration and Deceleration, Data and Reports

We use the V1 Golf System for video swing analysis.

Here is what you can expect from your fitting appointment with Ken.

  1. A player interview to "break the ice" and see what brought you here. The current state of your game, how you want to improve, whether you are taking lessons, etc. A little information about you and your game can help identify problem areas we can address with our session. 

  2. A specification analysis of your current equipment. This can be a simple face angle check of your driver to full spectrum analysis of your entire set. This information is critical for determining  improvement.

  3. We begin to analyze you golf swing first, using only the absolute latest technology to determine which equipment will best suit your game. Professional golf instruction can be provided at the players request, and is included with the fitting session.

  4. Now the fun part begins. We will observe you test hitting different golf clubs to determine your best fit length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft weight, shaft flex, grip size. You can see first hand which equipment works best for you and your swing. We even tailor your set makeup to the course conditions you play most frequently.

  5. Building your equipment to the specifications required. I take great care to assemble your clubs to very tight tolerances. Weight sorting components, frequency matching shafts, and proper shaft orientation are included.

  6. Finally, test hitting your new clubs and fine tuning them to your swing. I also pride myself on after sale service, so if you decide to take on a swing change, I will be here to make necessary changes to your equipment.

I also believe your fitting appointment should fun and educational. You are making an important step toward reaching your playing goals. Equipment knowledge is as important as swing knowledge on the path to improvement.

Call 845.440.1369 to schedule your appointment.











































































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