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Golf Lessons

V1 Golf System Video Swing Analysis also available to see exactly what your swing looks like, and compare it the best players in the world.

 Video lesson with instruction is $50 per half hour.

Half Hour Lessons $40

One Hour Lesson $80

A Level III Fully Certified Member is one who has successfully completed the certification course and has met all USGTF criteria in the playing, written and teaching aspects of the organization. Ken achieved Level III status in October of 2003.

The United States Golf Teachers Federation® was founded and incorporated in 1989. It is the largest organization of golf teaching professionals in the world, with the main office located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The aim of the USGTF is to train and certify well qualified teaching professionals to serve the American golf public.


The United States Golf Teachers Federation, through innovative, effective swing mechanics, and teaching methodology, establishes a national and international standard in training and certification for professional golf teachers. In addition, the USGTF provides services for its members and promotes the organization and the golf teaching profession.

Founded in 1989, the United States Golf Teachers Federation began making history by training and certifying golf teaching professionals for the golfing public. By opening the door to those that previously were never given the opportunity to teach golf, the USGTF started a trend that has led the game through a decade of growth and popularity never seen before.

Today, the USGTF is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 17,000 members. The USGTF is a founding member of the World Golf Teachers Federation® and is one of 35 member nations that make up this entity. Both Federations help to establish the world's standard for golf teaching professionals.
The USGTF educational theme is that of progressive learning. 

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